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Our Offerings

For the time being, we've made everything free. We hope you will find this service valuable in your efforts to continue your child’s learning during the COVID-19 related lockdown.

WhatsApp Group

Our free WhatsApp group for young learners allows your child to learn a concept and solve problems daily while competing with the best brains in the country.

Works with our companion app that lets the child view concept content and track learning progress.

Self-Paced Classes

Completely personalized classes delivered through the app, with detailed step by step guidance from Madam Curious.

Additionally, your child is assigned a mentor to help curate her/his learning path.

Parents Love

Madam Curious

Kavitha, Mother of Trinayan, Grade 6

My son in the last 9 months has learned a lot from the app and challenges. Many times these days I'm surprised to see his reasoning skills and logical thinking. 
Hats off to you guys once again!

Dr. P Umabala, Mother of Subhangi, Grade 6

A special offering, ideal for those who want their children to understand and love Maths/Science, develop a curious mind and not learn by rote.

Sudeshna, Mother of Haasini, Grade 8

 I am a Science student myself, but this way of learning is more interesting and challenging. Learning has become fun and my children are eager to know and explore new things.

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