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IIT JEE is considered one of the world's toughest competitive exams. We are on a mission to redefining how students prepare for JEE.

We believe starting early is the key to making JEE preparation easy and fun. All our courses cater to students enrolled in classes 6-10, with a strong recommendation to joining early than late.

Our Offerings

Parents love MadamCurious

Kavitha, Mother of Trinayan, Grade 6

My son since last 9 months learned a lot from the app and challenges. Many times these days I'm surprised to see his reasoning skills and logical thinking. 
Hats off to you guys once again!

Dr. P Umabala, Mother of Subhangi, Grade 6

A special offering, ideal for those who want their children to understand and love maths/science, develop a curious mind and not learn by rote.

Sudeshna, Mother of Haasini, Grade 8

 I am a Science student myself, but this way of learning is more interesting and challenging. Learning has become fun and my children are eager to know and explore new things.

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