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Through her JEE Foundation program, Madam Curious helps students of middle and high school get two grades ahead of their peers, giving them a a headstart for success in competitive exams.

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Parents love MadamCurious

Kavitha, Mother of Trinayan, Grade 6

My son since last 9 months learned a lot from the app and challenges. Many times these days I'm surprised to see his reasoning skills and logical thinking. 
Hats off to you guys once again!

Dr. P Umabala, Mother of Subhangi, Grade 6

A special offering, ideal for those who want their children to understand and love maths/science, develop a curious mind and not learn by rote.

Sudeshna, Mother of Haasini, Grade 8

 I am a Science student myself, but this way of learning is more interesting and challenging. Learning has become fun and my children are eager to know and explore new things.

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