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Understand how objects move and acquire the God-like ability to predict their movement. Use your skills to design adventure rides for theme parks.

10 classes


Learn how heat flows through and between objects, and how it affects them. Learn how heat can be captured to do work, and review plans of a car maker trying to introduce a new line of engines in their vehicle.

15 classes


Witness particles finding a balance between their desire of stay close, but not too close, leads to the different behaviours in solids, liquids and gases. Find out it helps make our clocks tick, our cars race and much more.

15 classes


Discover why objects move the way they do. Make friends with Newton, Aristotle, Pascal and others, while trying to design the most efficient hot air balloon.

30 classes


Turn into a sound engineer as you play with various aspects of sound that can transform music to noise and vice versa. Find out how heat, light, x-rays have so much more in common than you could have ever imagined.

10 classes


Dive into the world of the tiny as we explore the insides of an atom. Apply your understanding of the fabric of matter to uncover the workings of nuclear power plants on one hand, and super computers on the other.

10 classes


Follow light as it creates magic by entering and coming out of everyday objects around us. Put your knowledge to work as you designs cameras and telescopes.

20 classes


Get lost in the world of electricty while exploring everyday objects from batteries and bulbs to radios and generators. Learn how a chance discovery of a few scientists brought us from darkness to light.

40 classes