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Teaching Problem-Solving At An Early Age, While Keeping The Experience Fun

Most students who aspire to write competitive exams are sincere in their approach, and are able to complete the Science and Math syllabus reasonably well.

However, despite mastering the syllabus most of them find it hard to solve competitive exam questions and consider it a painful exercise. This is because schools do not teach problem-solving skills during the student's formative years. 

We want to remedy that. We inculcate strong problem-solving skills at an early age and more importantly, make it an enjoyable experience.

Our students experience Science and Math in their full beauty and willingly solve thousands of tough problems.

This sets up a strong foundation for success in academics, competitive exams and most importantly, problem solving in general.


A Journey From Living-room Classes To Anytime Anywhere Classes

Madam Curious was started by Vivek, an ex-Microsoft Employee turned teacher, from his living room. The program became a big hit with hundreds of students queueing to learn from him.

A couple of years late, Vivek was joined by Saumya Kanoria, an entrepreneur and a techie with a passion for education. And together they transformed Vivek’s classes, his teaching philosophy and pedagogy into a program that is accessible to anyone, anywhere.



A IIIT-Allahabad pass out, ex-Microsoft employee and a teacher by passion, Vivek is a co-founder of Madam Curious. His unique perspective towards education and a fresh approach to teaching has won him immense love and respect from his students.


Entrepreneur and techie, and co-founder of Madam Curious. Saumya studied Computer Science at Cornell University, and then again at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He has years of experience starting and running businesses.


Amarnath studied at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Udupi and later graduated from NIT, Karnataka. He has worked as a full stack web developer for many startups.


His interest in education integrated with technology led him to join HumbleSchool. His dream is to own a start-up someday.


Madam Curious is a virtual teacher designed by our team. She is the most friendly teacher around. She doesn’t judge students for giving wrong answers, but instead guides them in the right direction until they get the problem and the logic behind it absolutely right.

Her encouraging words and a blind obsession with getting the logic right acts as a great motivation for students to keep getting better.